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Thesis, University of Manchester. Models can be classified depending on their research aim, and this classification can have methodological implications.

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However, without disregarding the role of theory, models can also seek expressiveness. The methods and techniques used, and the models presented and analyzed in this thesis may be extremely useful in the assessment of the resilience of a SES and to assist policymakers and managers to make informed decisions based on a combination of their own empirical experience and computer assisted reasoning.

Both the Multi-Agent Systems field and ABM have tried to provide robust methodologies to guide researchers in the modelling process. But how do topological features influence the resilience of a SES? Department of Real Estate and Construction Management.

Abstract In the lasts decades, computer simulation in general, and agent based modelling ABM in particular, has become one of the Agent based thesis modelling techniques in many scientific fields, especially in Social Sciences such as Sociology or Economics.

Management of Construction Projects. A strict relationship between these structural properties and the whole system is found. Thus, there is a lack of a complete ABM methodology that, assuming data-driven research has a different approach and aims, provides a specific flow of data-driven model development.

This lack has caused most data-driven models to be constructed without a common frame. End-to-end requirements management for multiprojects…8 Aug The research described in this PhD thesis focuses on the phenomenon that requirements management in construction is performed. The first case corresponds to Theoretical Research, while the second one would be Data-driven Research.

However, assessing resilience is a very difficult exercise. Social and ecological systems are increasingly interlinked due to globalization and the advancement of technologies.

An important relationship is found between the evolution of network metrics, more precisely the variance of network metrics over time, and the resilience of the overall system. Therefore, it can be advocated that when there are available data from the observation of the real phenomenon, the modelling and simulation process involves additional stages.

Nowadays, most of the models are conceived from the theoretical approach, and thus methodologies are frequently biased towards them. They have been implemented within the modular agent framework, designed in incremental layers.

The model is validated from a quantitative macro perspective empirical validationfrom a qualitative micro perspective social dynamics matching the theoretical assumptions and from a theoretical perspective discussing its sociological consistency.

PhD Thesis

The modelling process has been realised as a bottom-up and b top-down. Therefore, the approach is complemented with a systematic method for the exploration of the model space in order to achieve comprehensible but descriptive models.

PhD thesis, Queensland University of. The construction of this agent-based model, coined Mentat, can be summarised in a series of key milestones. Sometimes researchers seek a generic model to explain a social phenomena from a high degree of abstraction, and one that is simple enough to be used as an illustration of a specific theory or hypothesis.

The Management Life-cycle of Construction Projects Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of. This methodology is supported technically by the specification and implementation of a social agent framework.

This methodology attempts to guide the injection of empirical data into the simulation, bringing them closer to the real phenomenon under study, while acknowledging the important role of theory in the whole process. Risk management in the different phases of a construction project.

Real Estate Planning and Land Law. It analyzes how human intervention influences the landscape network of a given system and how these properties influence the predator-prey system under study. A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Hybrid Concrete Construction prefabrication plus in-situ:. The conceptualisation and specification of a and b has been justified theoretically in order to support its development. Construction Engineering and Management. Instead of attempting to build a general-purpose framework, this agent framework focuses on a family of problems which can be best tackled within it.

A Case Study of. Risk management in the construction industry: The past decade has seen an increase in interdisciplinary science and in the analysis of Social-Ecological Systems SES.

Such framework is structured in modules which can be enabled at will in order to facilitate the exploration of the model space and its incremental construction, both in the frame of the data-driven approach.

Doctor of Philosophy PhD.

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Funding This project was supported by a 4-year scholarship from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid used within Keywords agent-based model, data-driven modelling, demography, friendship, fuzzy logic, microsimulation, postmodern society, social network, social values, social simulation, societal transition, surveys, transition.agent-based approach to simulate the stock market should have good poten- tial for future development and is a realistic way of describing the interactions in the nancial world.

relationship between actors and agents, we develop an agent based modeling framework called Hive. Hive is inspired by NetLogo. Like NetLogo, Hive is implemented in Scala and uses actors to represent agents.

Unlike NetLogo, which uses Scala’s deprecated actor library, Hive uses Scala’s new Akka library. The elucidation is based on the confrontation of the theoretical interpretations, the empirical views of change agents and their impact on the different phases of organizational development.

This thesis show that the most significant characteristics that conform to the ideal view of a change. AGENT-BASED MODELING OF SEASONAL POPULATION MOVEMENT AND THE SPREAD OF THE FLU: THE EFFECT ON A SMALL COMMUNITY _____ A Thesis presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School.

agent–based keynesian macroeconomics — an evolutionary model embedded in an agent–based computer simulation inaugural dissertation zur erlangung der doktorwu¨rde. naval postgraduate school monterey, california thesis agent based simulation as an exploratory tool in the study of the human dimension of combat.

Agent based thesis
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