An analysis of steps towards multicultural curriculum transformation

Levinson describes four ways to do so: Edition, "Citizenship education must be transformed in the 21st Century because of the deepening racial, ethnic, cultural, language and religious diversity in nation-states around the world.

Examine the school climate and culture and the roles played by both students and staff. Universal voting, along with universal education would make our society more democratic. If my history textbook indicates that Columbus discovered America, do I present sources written by Native Americans that likely offer a different perspective on the same set of events?

In addition to democratic values, deliberative strategies and teaching decision-making provide core procedures for multicultural education. Teachers need to help students understand, investigate, and determine how the implicit cultural assumptions, frames of reference, perspectives, and biases within a discipline influence the ways in which knowledge is constructed.

Practicing educators can use the dimensions as a way to incorporate culture in their classrooms.

Stepstoward Multicultural Curriculum

Educational theorists differ from philosophers in that theorists seek to restructure schools and curriculum to enact "social justice and real equality" Levinson,p.

Heroes and Holidays Teachers at this stage "celebrate" difference by integrating information or resources about famous people and the cultural artifacts of various groups into the mainstream curriculum.

A second factor is "multicultural education theories and programs are rarely based on the actual study of minority cultures and languages. Find places in your current curriculum to embed multicultural lessons, ideas, and materials.

In some college syllabi, there is cultural sensitivity and multicultural competence.

Multicultural education is a way to promote the civic good. There are infinite ways to assure that such an educational approach is purposeful and successful. According to Banksit further alienates students who already struggle to survive in a school culture that differs so greatly from their home cultures.

Contrary to this argument, the goal of multicultural education and multicultural curriculum transformation is to improve education for all students.

Education and Urban Society. How do you respond? A Brief History of Multicultural Education. The fundamental values of any good curriculum are accuracy, completeness, and inclusion.

Multicultural education

The Safe School Coalition warns against using a curricular material "if it omits the history, contributions and lives of a group, if ti demeans a group by using patronizing or clinically distancing language, or if it portrays a group in stereotyped roles with less than a full range of interests, traits and capabilities.Taking steps towards institutionalising multicultural education – The national curriculum of Finland Multicultural Education Review, 8(1), 1 emerges as an intrinsic part of the school and multicultural perspectives are integrated widely throughout the curriculum.

Multicultural education is no longer only for minority. In the essay, "Steps Toward Multicultural Curriculum Transformation," Gorski states, The curriculum of the mainstream is Eurocentric and male-centric. It fully ignores the experiences, voices, contributions, and perspectives of non-dominant individuals and groups in all subject areas/5(3).

Understanding Multicultural Curriculum Transformation: What is the first step toward multicultural curriculum Multicultural curriculum transformation would result in greater creative and critical thinking skills while equipping all students with a more complete and accurate understanding of society and the world around them rather than.

Trotter Review Volume 3 Issue 3Trotter Institute Review Article 5 Approaches to Multicultural Curriculum Reform James A.

Banks University of Washington -. A Study of Multicultural Course Change: An Analysis of Syllabi and Classroom Dynamics Multicultural education and CRT do not focus solely on the curricular and assessment to what degree do Summer Diversity Institute participants infuse tenets of multicultural course transformation into their undergraduate classes?

Methodology. Transcript of Lesson Plan Analysis - EDUC - Melicharek. Analysis of Additive approach, Transformation approach, and Social Action approach (p. ). Level 1: The Contributions Approach It is critical that curriculum is multicultural because multicultural education is a complete education.

Multicultural education values .

An analysis of steps towards multicultural curriculum transformation
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