An analysis of the main themes in bridge to terabithia a book by katherine paterson

Bridge to Terabithia : Theme

Ultimately, each member of such a friendship is strengthened and developed by the friendship. Paterson shows that friendship is not only for survival, but also for bringing the best out in the other person.

Since the world is less than perfect, the children try to make it better with imagination. This message injects a spiritual dimension to the lesson on death, without insisting on a particular doctrine.

Leslie herself tells the Aarons children how to take death. Jess likes his sister May Belle, but there is no one in his family who understands him or even sees him as a person. Jess grows in character because Leslie leaves him a legacy to trust his imagination.

Their imaginative world is a joint production and sustains them. She drowns in the creek, the border between the perfect world of Terabithia and the harder world of reality. Jess sees their friendship, symbolized in their secret world of Terabithia, as the most important thing in his life, and the only way he sees to make it through the dreary days of school and family.

Certainly the area in which Jess lives is not strong on education: Leslie is thrilled to find a boy in this backward place who can keep up with her. She also does not believe that God puts people in hell. Jess is expected to be responsible, stoic, and strong, and to be ready to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the family that his father has carried all these years.

Jess and Leslie are creative people who cannot be satisfied with the way things are. Terabithia Terabithia is a symbol of idealized childhood, of a perfect world in which children can rule supreme without the heavy responsibilities of adulthood. However, Jess eventually comes to realize that the magic is in him as much as it was in Leslie, and he has the power to resurrect Terabithia.

Their talents and points of view come together to create Terabithia. Leslie must contend with the disdain of her classmates and the wavering attention of her parents, whose work often dominates their lives. She is the smartest, most imaginative student in class, a favorite with the teacher, though not with the other students.

Jess is shown as a child who has to deal with death but who overcomes his grief. However, we cannot simply call Bridge to Terabithia a monument to the carefree pleasures of childhood, because that would miss one of the main points of the story.

She is constantly nagging and complaining. Leslie shows him that he does not need to fulfill a peculiarly masculine role, and that he is free to be himself without reference to gender stereotypes. He has a crush on her because she is young and beautiful, and she can see his talent at drawing.

Friendship Paterson presents a tough world where the rule of survival of the fittest generally prevails.

They are all extremely intelligent and highly educated, a fact that sets Jess reeling at first. No bad thing can touch the rulers of Terabithia—no matter what the obstacle, they will always emerge victorious. Jess himself has broken some ties with Terabithia in his newfound maturity.

Jess loses Leslie but gains a new closeness with his family, his teachers, and himself. Education Education is portrayed rather dubiously throughout Bridge to Terabithia. The rope over the creek and the bridge to Terabithia When they originated the idea of Terabithia, Leslie decreed that the rope swinging over the creek would be a magic rope, the only entrance to the magical land.

After church, she tells them she loves the story of Jesus though she is not forced to subscribe to it. A friendship such as Jess and Leslie share allows the two to become comfortable with themselves, to discover who they really are without worries that what they find will not fit into the "proper" mold.Video: Bridge to Terabithia: Summary & Themes In this lesson, you will read the summary for the book 'Bridge to Terabithia' by Katherine Paterson.

You will also learn about three of the major. Friendship is the most important kind of relationship in Bridge to Terabithia: friends are the family that you get to choose for yourself. The most evolved characters – Jess, Leslie, May Bell Sometimes family can be hard to relate to (pun intended).

See, in his family, Jess is the odd one out. By Katherine Paterson: Bridge to Terabithia Hardcover – December 21, “This is a beautiful book — essential reading for anyone who loves animals and knows how much they can teach us about being human.” Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson5/5(2).

A summary of Themes in Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Bridge to Terabithia and what it means.

Themes Friendship. Jess's main struggle in the book is to discover his true identity when faced with the demands of his family and society in general.

The push is for. A summary of Themes in Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Bridge to Terabithia and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Be Book-Smarter. Concept Analysis: Bridge to Terabithia PUblisher: Harper collins Edition: Year: Brief Plot Summary: Katherine Paterson grew up in China where her parents instilled in her a strong Christian faith.

Her parents two main characters in the novel, a king in Terabithia, and Leslie Burke’s best friend.

An analysis of the main themes in bridge to terabithia a book by katherine paterson
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