Beas pricing dilemma

Promotion Given that the company will pursue their transfer or relocation, it is proposed that Prime Meat will have more promotions specially in their new location.

Bea Limit should increase the current mark-up policy. The prices of the other products would not be changed and the dealers price for tocsin and hotdogs will have POP.

Specific objective should therefore be proposed and a suitable marketing mix that highlights the pricing strategy and would address the issue on building a better brand image is suggested.

This implies that the current retail price for tocsin and hotdogs which is approximately POP. Alternative Solutions to the Problem A.

Beas Pricing Dilemma

Majority of them are willing to pay POP. Improve the image of their products, focusing on hotdogs and tocsin using a new pricing scheme or policy, including costumers perceived value and mark-up price that would give a long-term beneficial effect to the company? Promotional Strategy The company does several promotion strategies in marketing its product.

These are all contained in a signed dealership contract. G sigh, bacon will remain as ease. Free Essays Tags And dealers follow certain terms and conditions set by the firm. Also, this alternative could be risky since mark-up pricing does not consider the demand.

On the other hand, the remaining processed meat products e. Product Positioning Although the Beas pricing dilemma for tocsin and hotdogs are proposed to increased, prices are still lower compared to some of their leading competitors.

With this, an image of better and higher quality product will be perceived in the minds of the possible buyers. Preferred price for gag pack of tocsin is POP. O for tocsin and hotdogs respectively as compared to those products current price POP.

This would attract more consumer especially those who are price-sensitive or those who belong to the lower class who want high quality products at a low price. The outcome is that, Prime Meats Tocsin and Hotdogs are perceived to have higher prices than the current prices.

In relation to the recommended price increase, the packaging of the products should be improved to complement the quality and price offered to the consumer.View Bea's Pricing Dilemma from CEM at University of the Philippines Los Baños. Case Study On Beas Pricing Dilemma Amurao, King Mojado, Sean Santos, Sienah Vista, Anna Monica I.

Point of. Beas Pricing Dilemma I. Point of View We consider Ms. Bea Lim’s perspective, the Marketing Assistant of Prime Meat, Inc. as our point of view She is the one envisioning on the pricing strategy formulation that would have a.

The point of Marketing Assistant of Prime meat, Inc. is the one to be taken since she is the one making for the revisions in the marketing strategies of Prime meat products.

Ms. Bea Lim, the Marketing Assistant of Prime Meat, Inc. is planning to make some revisions in the marketing strategies for. Case 2 Bea’s Pricing Dilemma Group 2 Members: Abacan, Crispin Mahrion B.

Arcega, Diana Ruth R. Bae, Chan Young Balderia, Paolo G. De Ocampo, Nasreen Joy L. Espiritu, Rovil A. Mojar, Alyssa Kaye S. October 4, MGT B Prof. Nanette Aquino Point of View The group assumes the point of view of. Bea's Pricing Dilemma Final - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Beas pricing dilemma
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