Call of the wild essay questions and answers

One example is at the very beginning where it says strong, heavy dogs were wanted in the Yukon. Support your answer with situations from the book. As a "civilized" dog, he was only half-alive.

Charles, Hal and Mercedes are Americans who have recently traveled north in search of gold.

The Call of the Wild: Essay Q&A

At the end of the book, he became totally wild, his last tie to humanity broken forever by the death of Thornton. You must use complete sentences to answer each question. Then the out-of-their-depth southerners make a crucial mistake by simply adding more dogs to pull, failing to realize that one sled cannot carry enough food for fourteen dogs.

Perhaps part of his intention in writing the novel was to demonstrate that materialism, the desire for wealth, is incompatible with freedom. Discuss the role played by Charles, Hal and Mercedes. Be specific and use specific examples from the book. London titled his book Call of the Wild.

But after he was tossed headlong into the harsh world of the north, where the "law of club and fang" prevailed, he had to fight to establish himself.

The Call of the Wild

He does not have to learn everything for himself. His battle with Spitz was a major turning point, since it established his right to be the lead-dog. Then, as the call of the wild grew stronger in him, he had to learn how to survive as a wild animal, hunting for his food and using all his strength and cunning.

He is free to act entirely according to his own nature. Be sure to fully explain each situation. Finally, he had to make contact with the wolf pack and establish mastery over them, which he first did by killing one of the wolves, injuring others and then fighting off the entire pack until they acknowledged his status.

Buck answers "yes" to the call, and becomes a creature of the wild. He fulfills the social role that is allotted to him. He behaves in a more instinctual, primitive and brutal fashion.

The self is the sum of all the qualities of the psyche, working together in an integrated fashion.What does London mean by the title The Call of the Wild?

Also discuss how the title of each chapter applies both to that chapter and to the general theme of the novel. For example, what is meant by naming certain chapters "The Toil of Trace and Trail," "Into the Primitive," and "The Dominant Primordial Beast"?

2. This lesson explores sample essay questions you can use in your classroom while reading The Call of the Wild. Essay Questions. As you know, an essay is a piece of writing focused on a particular topic. The essays in this lesson focus on this novel, more specifically, the themes surrounding the story of Buck.

Essay on Call of the wild Name: Instructor: Course: Date: A Problem of Nature in The Call of the Wild by Gary Snyder The poem Call of the Wild by Gary Snyder represents an ecological view on relationship between nature and Western civilization, as.

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The Call of the Wild Short Essay - Answer Key

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Call of the wild essay questions and answers
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