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The lesion contained the unerupted third molar dislocated inferiorly at the angle of mandible. The section showed a cystic lining overlying fibrous stroma.

There is a distinct peak in the second decade [ 9 ].

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Emperor Justinian attempted to reconquer the Ccot gupta portion, but failed. The Byzantine Empire was a strong centralized hereditary monarchy.

In the fibrous wall, there are usually strands and islands of odontogenic epithelium, either in direct contact with the epithelium or separately in the connective tissue. There are no particular predilections for either the maxilla or mandible, although the cases in the maxilla are more often in older patients.

City-states were governed by kings, who controlled the trade, as well as the taxes. This report describes one such case which was large multicystic, involved the coronoid and condylar process of the mandible, and treated by subhemimandibulectomy.

Abbasid Caliphate - They moved the capital to Baghdad, which was the second largest city in the world then. Few ghost cells showed features of calcification.

Sumit K. Gupta, MD

Intraoral examination revealed a large swelling extending from mandibular left first molar to the ramus of the mandible, obliterating buccal vestibule and causing bucco-lingual expansion of the bone.

Others may be quite irregular and may have poorly defined margins. Confucian beliefs solidified the government through the use of the civil service examination system. Women - Marriages were arranged within their social classes.

Silk worms were smuggled out of China, which allowed the Byzantines to develop a silk industry, while artisans produced glassware, linen, jewelry, gold and silver.

Mauryan empire

The most remarkable feature is the presence of ghost cells. The rapid growth of Islam after shaped events and societies in parts of Africa, Europe and Southwest Asia.

View at Google Scholar K. Women could keep their dowries as wives and female infanticide was prohibited.Gupta is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association, the Institute of Statisticians and the Royal Statistical Society of England.

He has written more than articles and he has edited, co-edited or co-authored six books on statistics. This essay contains a valid thesis in the first paragraph (1 point) and addresses both similarities and differences (2 points).

There is sufficient evidence for both the Mauryan /Gupta and the Han empires (2. Unit 5 Essay Test (CCOT) Date: December 14, Question Pool: Part B (CCOT) AP Central Link; Analyze continuities and changes in the ways ONE of the following regions participated in interregional trade during the period circa to Mauryan/Gupta Empires; Part C.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Ccot Rome C.E. specifically for you for only $ $/page. Imperial Rome and Mauryan/Gupta India ; Greece and Rome: Comparison ; Rome and Han Ccot ; Political Control In Han China And Imperial Rome ;. Factual Information Quote CCOT POLITICAL.

Leaders, Elites. Structure--Laws. Role of Religion. Conflict. Diplomacy, Treaties. Judicial-The Myth: Two brothers, Romulus and Remus were raised by a wolf and founded Rome in B.C.E.-The republic was run by two consuls.

PERSIAN Chart. Contents. 1 Questions of Periodization. Nature and causes of changes; New Empires and Political Systems; Continuities and breaks within the period; of weak centralized power coupled with the Hindu caste system contributed to the social stability after the fall of the Gupta empire.

Ccot gupta
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