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Any follow up, or insurance claim made, should also be recorded. The children learn and develop the skills necessary to support their adult life exploring new experiences and making choices, however the children do not always have the skills and judgments to make the safe choice.

Everyone has freedom of speech and all children have the right to be heard. Low income families can not afford computers or books for their children. Items in the first aid box: We report to the Health and Safety Executive: This may be an event that causes injury or fatalities or an event that not cause an accident but could have done, such a gas leak.

We have ready access to telephone numbers for emergency services, including local police. In one of the schools that I worked there was a disabled child who had his movements restrictedall of us of the staff were concern that the child safety, but when planning the activities we always included him in all of them, supporting physically and considering his individual needs.

Our standard Fire Safety Policy will be followed and staff will take charge of their key children. The child will be able to handle the knife according with good instructions and supervision from adult they are able to follow guidelines and complete the activity. Our emergency evacuation procedures are approved by the Fire Safety Officer and are: Teaching assistant to support children with reading and writing Provide colour lens or filter paper for reading.

Introduction of early interventions may prevent long-term issues with communication in the wider context such as not being able to reading or write, therefore unable to get employment or feel isolated from the community. The first aid qualification includes first aid training for infants and young children.

Speech therapist to teach children to speak. No cleaning products or medicines reachable, for example when we finish to clean the tables with anti-bacterial we need to put the product back out of reach from the children.

Special schools and psychologist New in the country, not able to speak English Child may be hard of hearing. When an activity is planned, we need to consider that the unexpected or unusual can happen.

The incident is recorded when the threat is averted. We maintain lists of health and safety issues, which are checked: Where we rent premises we ensure we have access to the person responsible and that there is a shared procedure for dealing with emergencies.

Carry out special observation to identify the barriers to communication, so that practitioners can remove the obstacles.

Give an example of this. Our assessment covers adults and children; — deciding which areas need attention; and — developing an action plan that specifies the action requiredthe timescales for action, the person responsible for the action and funding required.

Some children are shy or lack confidence. Sickness Our policy for the exclusion of ill or infectious children is discussed with parents.

Allowing the children to take the risks with enough supervision by themselves will help with a positive self-esteem and confidence. Practitioners can concentrate on the development of language by planning and designing activities that specifically promote communication skills.

When planning an activity we need to think about the benefits offered by the activity and the risks that it involves. Sometimes if the child is at risk I need to intervene to prevent any harm.


In the childcare setting, have translators. In the unlikely event of a child dying on the premises, for example, through cot death in the case of a baby or any other means involving an older child, the emergency services are called, and the advice of these services are followed.People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account; Transcript of CYP Core Support children and young people’s health and.

CYP Core Support children and young people’s health and safety Learning Outcomes Explain why it is important to take a.

Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety Essay - Part 4

Transcript of CYP Core Support children and young people’s health and CYP Core Support children and young people’s health and safety Task Case study - Tommy It is important that the environment is checked regularly both before and during activities to ensure that it.

CYP Core Understand child and young person's development L3 Children & Young People's Workforce All children's sequence of development is the same, however the pace at which they develop is different as it is influenced by personal, social, family and environmental experiences.

CYP CORE TASK 2 Personal factors that can influence children’s development Health status; - Asthma causes shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. This may mean a child with asthma may not be able to take part in some of the schools physical activities, if it is.

Assessment task – CYP Core Support children and young people’s health and safety Providing a safe environment for children and young people requires knowledge of.

Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety with some cross reference to EYMP3 CYP Core a description of the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services - Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety Essay introduction.

CYP Core an explanation.

Cyp core 3 4 task 3 1 3 3
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