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Get a Price Quote. He traveled to Memphis where he found Helen. Paris then took her to Troy. Helen was married to Menelaus who was the King of Sparta. Many historians have said that there might have occurred wars between the Greeks and Turks during the period of the Trojan War. There were around nine cities found on the site and the seventh was thought to be Troy.

Trojan War

He then decided to launch attacks on Troy for years so as to recover the stolen riches and ask for Helen. They built a huge wooden horse that thirty soldiers could fit in. From the cataloguing of the ships, historians have also been able to determine the time when the tales of Troy originated, the methods and participants involved in the attack and were able to draw the conclusion that the Mycenaean fell due to an attack from sea.

We are not sure if this is true but it is seems to be another version of the legend. In the first century B. At this site, scientists found a ditch that was used as a defensive barrier.

Did the Trojan War Really Happen

Herodotus, a Greek historian, traveled throughout the Mediterranean to seek information on the war. This shows that there was a city of Troy and it wasn t just a battlefield.

The tablets show that women were taken across the sea, treated as menial workers and slaves and used as objects. The soldier left behind said that the others had left him and the horse was just an offering to Athena.

The Iliad are first and foremost poetry, as evident in archaeological discoveries, however there is fair amount of substantial material to inherit historical merit.

The Egyptian priests told him that the Trojans knew nothing of Paris or Helen. Pianist and Maus Essay Sample This provides us with another logical hypothesis about what may have caused the war. An angered Eris threw a golden apple among the guests for the fairest of them all Wilson The priests, however, did not reveal to Herodotus what happened to Helen, Paris or Menelaus.

You can always buy cheap research paper from our website! Whether or not the circumstances surrounding the war are erect, such as the belief the cause of the Trojan War was the Judgment of Paris, and that the war started due to his elopement with Helen, are up for the individual to decide, however as there is too much evidence to ignore the fact that the Trojan War could have occurred.

The rest of the soldiers sailed away and left only one of them to talk to the Trojans. Among these archives include treaties, deters, annals and biographies, which show the relationship between the Hitter empire and their neighbors.

Trojan war

The unfavorable windy condition made his ship not to sail back to his homeland. The research team at Turva found an early settlement, that appears to be a gravesite that dates back to Trojan times.

The Hitter Diplomatic Archives offer information about the location of Troy and suggestions about the circumstances surrounding the Trojan War. However, we cannot believe that the timing according to Homer is right. It was destroyed around B. The comparison of these archives with archaeological evidence eventually led to the possible connection that Willis was the ancient Anatolian name for Troy.

Like the skeleton bones found, many other artifacts were found. The tablets also provide possible motive for the war.

Things do not add up as recounted by Homer.Sep 20,  · The story of the Trojan War—the Bronze Age conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece–straddles the history and mythology of ancient Greece and inspired the greatest writers.

Did the Trojan War Really Exist? Many ponder the question, “Did the Trojan War really exist?” Though it is thought to be a legend, recent discoveries potentially linked to the Trojan War are.

Homer's Troy, did it really exist? Did the Trojan War really happen as depicted in the Iliad? There are many sceptics that say no, the Trojan War, described in the epic poem The Iliad never happened. On the other hand, many others have spent years trying to prove these critics wrong.

An. Tew 0 4/24/ THE TROJAN WAR Did the Trojan War actually occur, or did it exist as a fictional event only in the myths of the Greeks? Having looked into all various facets of evidence the essay will prove that indeed the Trojan War did occur, however, characters such as Helen of Troy, Paris and King Priam (with the exclusion of Agamemnon.

Free trojan war papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned there is evidence a Trojan War or Wars did happen, possibly around north-western Turkey.

Although upfront the film may seem like it is purely for entertainment, if one were to take a closer look it really exhibits the cruelty of war and not just of the. Many believed that the Trojan war didn’t actually happen and was thought to be just a Greek mythological story until the late ’s when a German Archeologist named Heinrich Schliemann excavated the site by using the story of the Trojan war from an ancient Greek writer .

Did the trojan war really happen essay writer
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