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Depending on how a person dresses is how a person will be treated. I believe that if adults and other rule enforcers were to put this issue to a higher importance, more drastic changes would occur.

While low worn pants can be completely acceptable in public, school systems will find the attire inappropriate and intolerable.

Sagging Pants, Negative Messages

If kids today dress so inappropriately already, imagine how immodest future generations will be. Union County College is a place of education, not a place to look imprudent or distracting.

That oversizing, coupled with the lack of belts in the big house, led to a great number of jailbirds whose pants were falling off their arses.

If a student wants to be treated with respect and dignity, that student has to dress appropriately. Regardless of your personal view on the sagging pants trend, appearance is often first way your present yourself to others. Clothing and style is a representation of a person, therefore the wardrobe must be fitting judging upon the environment.

Hip hop is one of the main reasons that sagging pants have not yet gone out of style. Children learn from their mistakes, but if their unaware of the mistakes their making they can never correct them. Notice that the kid of 17 who gives his opinion is still just a kid.

Dressing a certain way can lead to consequences in educational environments and even in the public. The local chapter of the ACLU threatened legal action in response, saying that sagging did not violate the Flint disorderly conduct ordinance [16] and a Florida judge threw out a case brought under a similar rule, as being unconstitutional.

In Calvin Klein had a major underwear advertisement with Mark Wahlberg. Some complained about the policy, but the overall response was positive.

In some cases men and young men alike have been known to sag their pants to their knees. This is his opinion, not his right. Malingering Appearance is not the only issue with sagging pants.

Sagging (fashion)

But in reality, I had on sweatpants that were tied very tight and were on my waist. In this practice, teachers would pull their pants up and attach them there using zip ties. Mark Oliver Mansbach explains that the continuous wearing of sagging pants severely impacts sexual performance.

In recent years it seems like the sagging pants trend has been amplified. A raunchy dressed female student is distracting and disrespectful, just like a male student wearing saggy pants.

Sagging Pants Essay

Hyatt June 25, at Clothing restrictions will help kids become successful adults of the future. There are people who would argue that sagging pants are simply a fad and will pass over soon but I disagree. By making kids follow the rules, their being taught how to mature and cope with life in a more adult like manner.

Added by admin on May 24, Sagging Pants Cohen, Clare Writing December 3, Cohen, Clare Writing December 3, Sagging Pants Sagging pants is a trend that has caused many controversies. “ Sagging ” is wearing pants below the waistline, revealing underwear and even the buttocks.

Sagging Pants Is Deviant Behavior Essay Words 3 Pages A deviant behavior is a label attached to a person’s activity that is conducted in a manner outside the normalized zone of conformity within a society.

The controversial topic. Sagging pants. Some say its ridiculously stupid and ugly, and others say they love it. Honestly there are two sides. And here's my opinion. I think if a person is a little. Sagging pants below the waist line, has been a very big issue in the community nowadays, the trend was said to be brought up by prisoners who weren’t allowed.

6 Responses to Sagging Pants, Negative Messages Blue June 25, at am The problem with rebellion without direction leads to statements made by misguided people, whom also acts in a manner that can lead to empowering the target of the so-called rebellion and their own demise.

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