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French paper watermarks the second place the inclusion of the date sometimes had a different purpose, for instance to benefit from a lower rate of tax, so that mould-makers continued to put that particular year even in later periods: He points out that current paper research sees the basis of paper history to lie not in dating the watermark per se, but instead dating a sheet of paper produced by a specific mold.

Making Watermarks Meaningful: Significant Details in Recording and Identifying Watermarks

The Jubilee reprint adds pages of supplementary materials in English, including indices, corrections, and an excellent essay by Allan Stevenson, "How to use Les Filigranes. The repeated shaking of the heavy mold and bumping of the mold onto the hard French paper watermarks of the workbench caused the filigree motif to slide back and forth along the wires to which it was sewn, gradually becoming bent and mis-shapen, and sometimes broken.

In these situations it is nonetheless important to know about the sheet-size or at least provide the measurements of the largest copy encounteredthe type of watermark noting any unusual features, such as a cross or a flower abovethe distances between chain-lines and the density of the wire-lines, and eventual other characteristics, such as the presence of countermarks, supplementary chainlines, or tranchefiles.

But the system was not intended to be decipherable for the general public; it responded rather to the need of the paper-merchant, who was often a wealthy businessman living in a town close to the papermaking district, while the papermills were spread out over the hills in the surrounding countryside.

This method, which provides a high-quality result, has been applied to imaging watermarks in Dutch projects conducted by Theo and Frans Laurentius, as well as in the Bernstein project by Manfred Schreiner at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Stevenson observes that watermarks Briquet found in manuscripts may have misleading dates because scribes could use a supply of large or expensive paper over a period of years, while a book printer would buy paper for printing a book and rapidly exhuast that supply.

How to Remove Watermarks

As matters stand, these procedures are jealously guarded by the firms that are developing them and in one tragic case have been lost on the death of their inventor [23].

The basic reference for European watermarks beforereproducing 16, watermarks out of a collection of 40, tracings made by Briquet in European archives not including archives in England, Russia, Spain, or Portugual.

So, rather than write about reproduction techniques as if they were extant and freely available on the market, I have sought to do something more practical, and even more sensible. This chemical is available in crystal form at pharmacies and at many paint and hardware stores.

The principle is identical to that employed to reproduce the blind tooling on bindings or memorial brasses in churches.

Dillying and Dallying with Watermarks

And then - judgoing from the papers being produced at this point in time they appeared to be triplets For these reasons, therefore, when attempting to match one paper with another, it is necessary to compare the other physical features of the two papers in question to confirm that a match has been found.

The big traditional obstacle has always been cost, to which has to be added the fact that it requires a clever photographer, especially in illuminating the sheet, to get a decent result.


Many of the watermarks in our collection are from American papermills, which tended to favor images of doves, eagles, tobacco plants, post-hornsstars, and lambs. The only permissible variations are those that could result from deterioration of the mold and resultant repairs.

Then dissolve some oxalic acid crystals to a saturated solution in hot water.

Hunting for Watermarks

Common-sized paper molds are estimated to last about two years, while a mold for a less common paper, such as very large formats, could last for many years. A graceful admission of impotence is much better than a bumbling attempt to disguise incompetence.

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Making Watermarks Meaningful: Significant Details in Recording and Identifying Watermarks Kitty Nicholson, National Gallery of Art. Probably all of us from time to time have noted and recorded watermarks on works of art on paper.

The characteristics of the paper are indicated between brackets. v = waterlines (v=vergeures, in French) P = chainlines (P=pontuseaux, in French). Watermarks were made by bending pieces of wire into filigree designs (French: filigrane) and tying them onto the wire mesh which served as the bottom of the paper mold.

As the paper pulp drained, this device would be imprinted in the paper along with the lines of the wire mesh. By the s, though, paper with unique American watermarks had found their way into the hands of the most famous scientists and politicians, such as John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Sadly, with the advent of large scale paper manufacturing at the end of the 19th century, the ancient craft of making paper by hand nearly came to an end in. copy paper watermark ( items found) Best Matches Price, Low to High Price, High to Low Name, A-Z Name, Z-A Top Rating New Arrivals SORT BY.

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French paper watermarks
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