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In rural areas, education, healthcare and access to water are all of a lower quantity and quality than urban areas. During his rule of the Soviet Union, Stalin issued a warning to communist countries that any economic relationship with the resource rich USA would end in punishment, destroying trade between the US and the East.

In reality the use of export subsidies to boost revenues for firms, can also lead to the reduction in revenue for other firms, thus mitigating the effect of protectionism causing revenues to rise. In addition to this, global growth will also suffer as a result of the increase in trading blocs.

The UK government must therefore pay these fees in order to remain in the EU causing government spending to rise.

To conclude, the increase in trading blocs has various effects on the global economy.

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Therefore, as in the case of Denmark, the demand for Danish exports will increase as EU consumers switch their consumption towards the now comparatively cheaper Global trading blocs essay agricultural exports.

The ONS reported in that 2. Thus countries that Global trading blocs essay part of a trading bloc, namely a customs union, will experience greater demand for their imports stimulating growth in aggregate demand and thereby increasing growth for these countries.

However this assumes ceteris parabus, whereby only the firms receiving the subsidy are considered.

Take the EU as an example. The most important of these, is the negative effect that it has on consumers as consumers throughout the world will be affected by higher prices as a result of protectionist methods such as tariffs. As a result, UK firms will react to this by hiring more workers to increase output in order to meet this increased Global trading blocs essay of consumption thus proving how the influx of EU immigrants does create jobs.

The effect on economic growth is the least significant as although economic growth is weakened in the short run, the use of protectionism can incentivise self-sufficiency, which in the long run will boost growth and thereby mitigate the effect.

These firms thereby have reduced demand for their goods causing their revenues to fall, thus mitigating the effect on the global economy as to protectionist policies such as export subsidies causing increased revenues for firms.

In spite of this there are also legitimate arguments that give weight to the opinion that the UK should leave the EU such as decreasing unemployment and reducing the fiscal deficit. Recently education for all year olds in Brazil has become free and compulsory. The EU, while being predominantly a trading bloc, also serves other functions such as handing out subsidies to farmers in order to follow through with the common agricultural policy.

EU regulation dictates that there can be no barriers to trade between member states. Therefore as a result of the low trade barriers the UK can completely focus on the service sector while Germany could completely focus on the manufacturing sector and then trade accordingly which is now seemingly free to get both manufactured goods and services at the lowest possible cost.

Protectionist policies can come in various forms such as imposing import tariffs, providing export subsidies and using quotas to limit the amount of trade of particular goods. The Soviet Union went through 10 years of economic stagnation prior to the Berlin Wall coming down, while today many of these countries such as Poland and Czech Republic are amongst the most economically developed parts of the world.

Despite the potential rewards of a lower fiscal deficit and a possible reduction in unemployment, these are not sufficient enough to warrant the loss of the benefits associated with membership in the EU.

A final economic effect that arises as a result of the increased use of protectionism is lower standards of living for consumers around the world. It can therefore be seen that most of the Brazilian population will not be exposed to the unequal and lower opportunities that exist in rural communities.

As a result the UK experiences a higher demand for their exports in that consumers from within the EU will not have to pay excessively for UK goods due to the imposition of tariffs that artificially raise the price of goods not being present, thus making UK exports more competitive in the EU.

When communist countries collapsed into capitalism, standards of living rise with the efficiency of the capitalist system meaning people in these countries will have greater purchasing power to demand goods from abroad, increasing the requirement for international trade therefore contributing to globalisation.

When countries broke away from communism, they joined institutions and organisations, including trading blocs in order to modernise and bring themselves into the capitalist world.

Evaluate the Economic effects of an increase in protectionism on the Global economy 30 Protectionism is the use of legislation and rules by governments with the goal of restricting the international trade of goods and services.

Trading blocs may also consist of the implementation of trade barriers to the expense of non-participants. In addition to this there can be no tariff imposed on UK exports going to other EU nations. This is evinced by the creation of the Airbus A, the largest commercial plane ever created allowing more room for cargo and goods to be transported for a similar price to the smaller less roomy commercial planes before its time.

In alone house prices in Brazil went up by an extraordinary Consumers will then switch to or increase their demand to these cheaper goods thus increasing sales and ultimately increase revenues and profits for these firms.

Compare this to rural areas where the dominant form of labour is agriculture it is further seen that well-paying employment opportunities consist in urban areas thus creating income inequality between those in rural and those in urban areas.

When a country imposes or increases tariffs it makes the demand for imports, that the tariff has now made more expensive, decrease.

The most important of these is the negative effect on unemployment as this will negatively affect all countries apart from those that participate in the bloc agreement and therefor has the biggest impact on the global economy.

The effect of the growth of trading blocs on the global economy is varied. When migrants set up these businesses they will hire workers in order for the business to function thus again Global trading blocs essay that migrants from the EU, while they take up jobs, also create them, reducing the significance of increased employment as a result of leaving the EU.

This means that many children, when they enter the labour market, will lack fundamental skills and knowledge required to gain employment in better paid fields thus creating disparity in income.

When workers come into the UK, they will begin to take up jobs that could otherwise be done by UK citizens, causing these UK citizens to become unemployed.Trading Blocs were created due to the fact that no economic power could fully control global trade and commerce.

Due to this many unions or trading alliances were formed. Established inthe most famous of the alliances was the European Union. certificate of origin, economics, business - Global Trading Blocs.

A comprehensive essay that includes detailed discussion of selected International Organisations and Trading Blocs. Examine The Advantages Of Trading Blocs Economics Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Before highlighting and explaining the advantages of trading blocs one should know what the meaning of trade blocs is.

A trade bloc is a group of different countries who join together for formulating agreements in order to promote trade. Exemplar Unit 4 Essays – Avtar Rai.

Assess the effects of the growth of Trading Blocs on the global economy (20) A trading bloc is created within an agreement between states, regions or countries to reduce barriers to trade between members of.

History And Functions Of Regional Trade Blocs Economics Essay In addition to this the trade blocs are defined its member states against the global competitiveness.

Regional trade blocs are established to promote the trade at global level (El-Agraa, ). If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay.

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