Li ning company limited case study

Basketball, tennis, running, football and fitness. In it acquired a controlling interest in the Chinese table tennis company Double Happiness. Generally, this chapter begins with the demonstration of research paradigms followed by discussion of research design and definition.

More experienced or advanced participants can engage in discussion and debate about the capabilities needed to successfully internationalise and the implications on the organisation in developing or acquiring these capabilities.

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Li Ning: Brand Growth and Excellence in China

We contacted Li Ning in the Netherlands, but they were reluctant to talk since they had limited success in the Netherlands.

Tell us what you need to have done now! However, IL Inning has a problem. The definition and development of Marketing Strategy Firstly the author is going to talk about the definition of marketing. In Chapter Two, it is to provide the literature review of the research.

The present list includes: A positivist would argue that researchers can simply measure crime using quantitative methods and identify patterns and correlations.

Both companies have opened branded stores in many Chinese cities, they have sponsored Chinese athletes and Chinese teams competing in the Olympics and both are trying to incorporate Chinese influences into designs of products aimed at the expanding Chinese market.

A Grand Entrance? Li Ning’s Emergence as a Global, Chinese Brand

It is a business wide range function. They may also engage in discussion about the cultural fit and the cultural distance between China and the internationalisation markets of choice. Interpretivism means only the use of the interpretation and intervention in reality which can be fully understood Abbott, Moreover, it has become a countervailing power to the international company in the Chinese market.

This way of working creates empathy, deepens and ensures the meaning which has been understood and improves the reliability of the questionnaire feedback. Analysis of hypothesis Going back to the hypothesis of this research, it is about the director of Li-Ning who adopted the wrong marketing strategy and as a result experienced experiencing a loss of market share as share price is at an all time low and also making lowest profit.

Yet Li Ning sells large volumes of sports goods, especially in Northern and Western China and smaller urban centres, where value for money may be more important to consumers than international brand associations. During all the feedback collection in this study, the author also offers or reflects back what he had collected.

Decision making of marketing strategy: More than half people chose that they are familiar with Li-Ning and have purchased from their sporty products. In the 21st century, the LNC which has gained excellent achievements did not indulge itself in the joy from the achievements.

Denzin and Lincoln listed Positivism has a very long historical tradition. It is so embedded that knowledge claims not grounded in positivist thought are simply dismissed as a scientific and therefore are invalid. After some research, we realised that the issues were more complex than anticipated.

Integrate all sales terminals at retail stores across China for an enhanced customer experience Adapt business model and sales strategy to meet changing consumer behavior Provide greater support for customized orders Improve inventory turnover and replenishment efficiency and reduce operating costs In the past, it was challenging for us to obtain accurate information on product availability.

IL Inning did not signal any international expansion plans in the Annual Report, however in laundrythey opened a US based design centre.

In it acquired a controlling interest in the Chinese table tennis many Double Happiness. The research questionnaires have been sent to the sample of 30 people.

It is being out sold by its two big international competitors, Nike and Adidas in China and popularity among young Chinese consumers in the big cities is if anything in decline. The timeliness and relevance of the case also meant that not much information was available on Li Ning itself annual reports had just been published for the past few years and were rather incomplete in their information or the market for sports products in China.

Li Ning Company Limited Case Study

Few sports enthusiasts or business analysts in Europe, or North America are familiar with the brand[i]. Within a research, paradigm is a framework that is guided by a set of beliefs and feelings of the world and how it should be understood and studied by human beings Guba, Based on the aims and objective of the dissertation, it has got four objectives.

Unsurprisingly with figures like these shares perform very well on the Hong Kong stock exchange[iv]. At the same time the international branding strategy pursued by the company was predominantly intended to compete with other international companies in China, not abroad.

Managers and executives of Chinese firms that consider international expansion are also a potential audience. Li Ning did not signal any international expansion plans in the Annual Report, however in Januarythey opened a US based design centre.

Patton stated a paradigmthat is from a world view, a general perspective, and a way of breaking down the complexity of the real world. AMA, It is about meeting the needs and wants of customers in the highest customer satisfaction.Li Ning is a leading sporting sports brand enterprises in the Mainland, China.

It holds a major position in Chinese market, showing an increased trend especially in. Li-Ning Co. Ltd.: A Leading Chinese Company Stumbles Case Solution & Analysis, Case Study Solution by Daniel Han Ming Chng, Ziqian (Stella) Zhao.

Our tutors. Corporate Presentation March Corporate Presentation April Li Ning Company Limited School case study database for successful marketing and operation in China sports goods market the Most Respectable Enterprise in.

Li Ning specialises in sports shoe and apparel manufacture for what it sees as its five key sports: Basketball, tennis, running, football and fitness. This case is about Li Ning Company Limited (LNCL), a leading manufacturer and marketer of sports goods in China.

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LNCL sells its products under the brand name 'Li Ning'. The case highlights the various business strategies adopted by LNCL to sustain itself in the rapidly growing and highly competitive Chinese sports goods market.

Chief Director of IT, Li-Ning Company Limited Benefits & Resolution Implemented online-to-offline (O2O) capabilities through which online orders are instantly sent to physical stores and warehouses for a more efficient order fulfilment process and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Li ning company limited case study
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