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My coach and I come up with the captivity of wild life. Most wetlands are protected in Florida and many other states so that these marine mammals do not lose so much of their habitat to a great deal of new building permits and construction.

Some people have voiced a lot of concern about the potential for downgrading the manatee to threatened. Some of their habitat is being lost through changes in the environment and construction that Manatees essay Manatees essay place.

New York Times 18 April Even if the species gets a downgrade to threatened from endangered those protections will still be in Manatees essay.

After discussing this subject in class Manatees essay trying to find information on the internet and failing there I thought it would be better to change my subject to research. In Florida, there is a separate subspecies of manatee that lives in salt bays, shallow rivers, canals, and along the immediate coastline looking for aquatic plants to eat Walker, One of the best ways to protect these endangered creatures is to slow down boats and cordon off areas where manatees are known to congregate.

Manatees are also vulnerable to collisions with speedboats. This opportunity gave me and many others the ability to enjoy seeing, learning, and developing an appreciation for the manatees.

Another problem that the manatees face is collisions from boats and other watercraft. As well as red tide, an organism called Gymnodinium breve, which produces a toxin that if inhaled or ingested, will attack the organs of the animal and can leave them paralyzed.

Except for the Amazonian manatee, their paddlelike flippers have vestigial toenails — a remnant of the claws they had when they lived on land. Unfortunately, the search that manatees undertake to look for warmer waters brings them in contact with many individuals that are boating for recreational purposes.

The Florida Manatees are endangered and no matter the percentage that die from boating accidents, that means it is one closer to extinction. If it werent for Sea World Im not sure if my mother and I would have ever seen a manatee up close and personal.

Dugongs are also in the order Sirenia, but they are in a different family, Dugongidae. Can contact by email. It is said because they are slow swimmers and have a dark look to them in the water. Donations help fund manatee conservation.

As a result, manatees cannot turn their heads sideways, and must turn their whole body around to look behind them.

As you have read Animal Theme Parks like Sea World has been beneficial to our society and the wild life that they help to protect. My question was if it were the physical feeling or the mental aspect that get the person to climax.

Use specific examples drawn from the essay. These manatee cousins are found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Manatee Before traveling back from Sunny Southern California where I was visiting my family for spring break I was able to enjoy a day with my mother.

When reading the Cause of Deaths section on Manatees from Sea Worlds web site it said, in the wild many manatees die yearly, either through natural or human related causes.

Their diets consist of romaine lettuce, hay, leaf lettuce, carrots, and other vegetation.

Manatees the Endangered Manatee the Manatee, or&nbspTerm Paper

Below you will find my research paper on Manatees. It is believed that this might make the public feel that the manatee is doing very well and because of this the manatees might receive a lesser degree of protection in the future Walker, Now that I have a subject to write on I had to find an argument to argue and research to find.

The Manatee Sanctuary Act of is state legislation establishing Florida as a sanctuary for manatees. New standards were adopted by Florida in are being used to list threatened and endangered species Walker, When manatees were originally seen many years ago by Christopher Columbus the sailors on his ship thought that they had seen mermaids Walker, In ancient mythology, sirens were monsters or sea nymphs who sang mesmerizing songs that lured sailors to steer their ships onto treacherous rocks.

Originally, manatees became endangered because they were hunted extensively for centuries Jimenez Perez, When manatees were counted across Florida in the year only a little over were seen Manatee, If the birth rate for manatees does not keep pace with the number of manatees that are passing away each year than the population of these creatures will continue to decrease.

The manatees are very shy and often hide but they also do not move out of the way fast enough if there are marine craft in the area and therefore they can be hit before they or the owner of the watercraft realizes what is going on and tries to avoid it.

Manatees: Facts About Sea Cows

I had just visited Sea World when I was away for spring break. An animal that is similar to the manatee is the dugong Dugong dugon. For manatees, this came in and again in when there were outbreaks of…. Habitat loss from waterfront development also impacts their survival.Manatees, The Gentle Giant Is Going Extinct Essays Words 5 Pages The West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) is a marine mammal that lives in the coastal waters and around the offshore reefs of Belize.

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Manatees are consider for being the basis for the mermaid legend. There are a few species of manatees: the West African, the Amazonian, and the West Indian. They are settle in rivers, in the ocean, and on the shore line of islands.

Manatees live in the water, but evolved from four-legged marine mammals, and they are vulnerable in the wild because of their slow reproduction cycle. Manatees Essay Manatee, common name for each of three species of a large water mammal, popularly called a sea cow because it grazes on.

Essay on Manatees - Manatees Quietly, but swiftly, the plump, dark animal glided across the water while making sounds comparable to that of the squeaks and squeals of a whale ("Florida Manatee" 1).

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