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The FA would not confirm any details, saying: Now and then, there are promotions where a lender will cover part or all of these costs. Lawyers for Majeed, Butt and Asif all accepted that their clients face prison terms given the severity of the offences and the weight of evidence against them, but pleaded for reduced terms.

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He stated that players had deliberately lost the game after being in a commanding position Australia were only up 10 runs with two second innings wickets left, and Pakistan had yet to bat. Amir did bowl the third over, and on his first delivery from the over, bowled a no-ball delivery.

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That was what he was told.

Mazhar Majeed: The small club he left in tatters

For Purchases, it includes: As it is a secured product, the conventional legal and appraisal fees are applicable. The judge will have slept on a remarkable afternoon of claim and counter-claim from the convicted men that represented the final collapse of whatever ties bound them during the conspiracy, and shed more light on the scale of corruption at the heart of the Pakistan dressing room.

The other three were not named on the video. Home mortgages are available from several types of lenders: Mazhar Majeed, the Croydon-based businessman filmed by the News of the World bragging about fixing Pakistan Test matches, was also quoted as having said "the only reason" he bought Croydon Athletic was to launder the money made from match-fixing.

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You should be cautioned that although these lines are very flexible and versatile it can be extremely tempting to use it for unnecessary purchases. In the video published by News of the World, Majeed told the undercover reporters that two Pakistani bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir would deliberately deliver no-balls at specific points during the match.

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Mazhar Majeed claims former captain Salman Butt was ringleader in Pakistan spot-fixing scandal

Stephen Vaughan, when the owner of Barrow, in the Unibond league, said himself that he had been arrested in the lates by HMRC, who were investigating the alleged laundering of "millions of pounds of supposed drug money" on behalf of the convicted Liverpool drug baron Curtis Warren.

Butt told him that he knew other players in the squad were fixing, and was frustrated because they were able to buy houses in Lahore that he could not afford despite earning the same salary. When the 6 month period is over the mortgage becomes fully open, and it can be renewed with the current lender or moved to another lender.

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They will ask for a list of your assets i. The impression that the Pakistan dressing room was prey to rival fixers as well as host to conspirators was reinforced by Amir, whose barrister, Henry Blaxland, said his client had been propositioned by a rival fixer from Dubai.

But while many have become more professional and are run by dedicated staff and platoons of volunteers, the semi-professional game is still blighted by insolvencies. Share via Email Croydon Athletic is owned by Mazhar Majeed, who is at the centre of the Pakistan match-fixing claims and who was quoted as saying the only reason he bought the club was to launder money.

We use a rolling date range, so you can always look back 6 months from the current date. Non-league football has for years been considered vulnerable to money laundering because clubs are often in financial difficulties but nevertheless have cash flowing through them from the gate, programmes, catering and bars.

Frank Baron for the Guardian It has long been feared that clubs in non-league football are prey to being taken over by criminals and used to launder ill-gotten money, but Croydon Athletic, now in the Ryman League Premier Division, stands as the first where an owner has apparently confessed to doing so.Mazhar Majeed (born ) Majeed attended the Coulsdon High School and studied business at Middlesex University in north London before forming a property development company based in London and Surrey, Majeed was a major shareholder and co-owner of Croydon Athletic F.C.

In all the furore around Mazhar Majeed's conviction as the agent central to a cricket spot-fixing ring there is a small club from Croydon left.

Pakistan match-fixing claims: Croydon crisis confirms worst corruption fears

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Convicted match-fixer Mazhar Majeed, who used to own Croydon Athletic FC, jailed for tax fraud

Croydon Athletic is owned by Mazhar Majeed, who is at the centre of the Pakistan match-fixing claims and who was quoted as saying the only reason he bought the club was to launder money. Mazhar Majeed, 40, purposefully under-declared income from his development and rental businesses by £, in an attempt to avoid paying tax.

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Mazhar majeed business plan
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