Quicksand by nella larsen analysis

Larsen does not really expect the readers to feel sorry for Helga Crane because Helga is not doing enough to help herself. Anderson loves her, he rejects Helga. When the novel begins, Helga is a twenty-two-year-old school teacher at Naxos, a Negro boarding school.

In Chicago, her white uncle rejects her. Of course, we know Larsen will not allow her to be happy. Helga realizes she is responsible for all her mistakes.

Anne Grey marries Dr. Hayes-Rore, who asks Helga to edit her speeches on racial equality. This section contains words approx. Helga Crane is working and going to school in Naxos when she becomes resentful of a white minister who comes to the school to teach and preach. Quicksand by nella larsen analysis wanders around in a storm until she comes upon a church meeting in a store.

But, after a series of bad interviews and bad employment agencies, Helga finds herself employed as a paid companion to an educated Mrs.

The book relies heavily upon an increasingly discontent internal dialogue on the part of the protagonist, and she uses this to rationalize her abrupt departure from what she perceives as the racist atmosphere of the school, as well as the unexpected breaking of her engagement to James Vayle.

But after she rejects an unfortunate marriage proposal, Helga tires of her privileged, formal Danish life, and misses Negroes. Grey that she comes from a white family. Not even though he knew that she wanted so terribly something special from him.

Helga tires of blacks, goes to visit whites, tires of whites, goes to visit blacks. With so many possibilities and chances offered to her, Helga is tied to a lifetime of unhappiness.

She finds herself continuously relocating to numerous places in search of comfort, considering she is multiracial woman in a time period in which race is one of the biggest issues. She travels back and forth in search of somewhere where she will feel the most comfort.

Anderson, and Helga returns to Harlem for their wedding. Anderson has rebuked her romantic efforts, with a formal apology and an admission that he was a "fool" to have kissed her.

Literary Analysis

She is emotionally vulnerable and decides to embrace religion. Amidst all the withering, chanting and dancing, reminiscent of a southern revival, Helga meets the Reverend Mr. New clothes, entertainment, and an offer of marriage cannot make Helga happy. The references to the name Helga may be of Germanic or Eastern European origin, as well as the references to the Chicago area, and a similar family situation of a biracial child.

Plot Summary Quicksand tells the story of Helga Crane, a young woman of biracial parentage who experiences discrimination in America in the early 20th century.

Helga is upset and vows to leave Naxos. She enjoys the material wealth and attention that is afforded her there, as well as the hiatus from the prejudice she experienced in America.

She and her Danish mother are deserted by her African-American father shortly after her birth. Pleasant Green, whom she happily marries the next day. While this is a difficult and ultimately depressing novel, it is also a powerful portrayal of the suffocating disillusionment and entrapment experienced by racial minorities during the time in which it was written.

I think Helga probably died alone as well. She had not even any friends here.Quicksand by Nella Larsen () was the first novel by this author associated with the Harlem Renaissance.

Quicksand Summary and Study Guide

A story with autobiographical elements, it was largely well received, though not a big seller. Helga Crane, the main character, like Nella Larsen, is the mixed-race daughter of a white.

Nov 28,  · Quicksand Analysis Nella Larsen, a writer during the Harlem Renaissance movement, wanted to reveal the unfair treatment of bi-racial women during this particular period. Quicksand is Larsen’s successful contribution to.

Quicksand and Passing Summary & Study Guide

Nella Larsen was a very successful African American Fiction writer. Nella Larsen's appearance with her writing of "Quicksand" and "Passing" won her the prestigious Guggenheim fellowship award for creative writing. Nella Larsen's work contains an overall view of the world from the Harlem Renaissance.

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Nella Larsen

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In Nella Larsen’s set novel Quicksand, the main character, biracial Helga Crane, has a unique sense of fashion and style that is often considered protest by readers and analyzers of the novel.

Quicksand by nella larsen analysis
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