Should teachers be allowed to strike

And it is extremely difficult to fire a teacher, even the bad ones, even some who were found guilty of sex with students. No i do not! In the city of Chicago, the CEO of the public school system has been now for the last couple of appointments someone with no education background.

And anything that marginalizes teachers could be harmful to education reform.

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He says teachers unions are important partners in making schools better. But to strike is to demand.

And second of all, we have a contract," Lewis remarked. Professionals do not strike. And employers always hate strikes. Obviously the goal is for school districts to make these difficult decisions in the most collaborative and productive possible way so everyone is really in the same direction.

And in that, public employees deserve no less the right than the rest of us to give it a shot. The group has been active in six other states to restructure teacher tenure laws and performance evaluations.

Students learn from their teachers and often idealize them. Only 11 states allow any public employees to strike, and most of those impose limits.

Candidate Glazer complains that the BART strike forced commuters to find other means of getting to work or kept them home, hobbling the local economy. Then thousands of students or more and their parents find themselves lacking childcare and their children without education.

If a professional is unhappy with his work situation his ultimate recourse is to resign and go elsewhere. Both sides sustain economic losses--the workers go without paychecks and risk losing their jobs, the employers lose income and risk losing customers, sometimes permanently.

If the pay is unacceptable, they should seek employment elsewhere. For his part, Stand for Children leader Jonah Edelman says the time is ripe for Illinois lawmakers to examine strike options and other aspects of teacher employment and quality. Some education and labor experts worry such a change could diminish the power of teachers; people they consider vital partners in education reform.

Teaching should be a profession as well. In fact, economic threats are the very essence of a strike. Should public workers be allowed to walk out? Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger how his campaign against nurses turned out inwhen he tried to cut nurse staffing ratios in state hospitals.

Let them do their job.

Why public employees should have the right to strike

They receive government benefits, such as healthcare, that are typically better than most workers. And he hopes legislation around those ideas will emerge soon. I strongly oppose to teachers going on strike to put forth their demands.

The same thing would have happened if the transit system were privately run, as it is in some places.This has also led many people to ask whether teachers’ strikes should be allowed at all. For example, a Chicago Tribune editorial called on Illinois’s legislature to make teachers’ strikes illegal, arguing “that the law needs to be improved.

Mar 16,  · Best Answer: Teachers should be public servants, doing an essential job, and thus be forbidden to strike. Plus, it's a bad example for the kids--like having a tamtrum in public.

Plus, it's a bad example for the kids--like having a tamtrum in Resolved.

Oct 24,  · Only 11 states allow any public employees to strike, and most of those impose limits. was the first teachers strike in that city in 25 years and the first in a major city since a Detroit teachers strike in Should public workers be allowed to walk out?

Should teachers be allowed to strike?

Let's hear your thoughts. Teachers should have the right to strike along with all other employees, but this should be used very sparingly. Teachers should have as a final option the right to strike.

When all other methods have failed to remedy a situation, address grievances and bring about change, a strike does get results.

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An Illinois House subcommittee is expected to hold public hearings this week. They’re looking at how to limit the ability of teachers' unions to. No public servants should be allowed to strike Teachers can hold hostage an essential government service, the schools, for more pay than their value suggests by striking.

It's different when private sector workers strike for pay.

Should teachers be allowed to strike
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