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Accordingly, Singer gives a highly idealistic and utopian theory and when we evaluate both pros and cons, it becomes obvious that the obstacles outweigh the advantages. Now, Singer has said that he wants every cent that you would spend on luxuries to go to charity.

If instead the total money dedicated to these celebrations were to be saved and donated to the needy every few years, progress would certainly be a result. There is no way that Singer can force anyone to donate money, so for persuasion, he creates two hypothetical situations in his favor to help you decide if you want to donate or not.

She delivered the boy, received her reward, spent some money on a television set went home to enjoy. With an increase of food and medicine, the rate at which children and adults die due to starvation and lack of medical help, can quickly decrease.

The singer solution to world poverty - Essay Example

This is an obscene demand that does not convince people to donate their money. The money, prospering individuals are spending on luxuries, can total to a great amount, which can help pay for food and medical aid for the poor.

The Singer Solution

Her neighbor then tells her that the boy was too old to be adopted and that the plan was to sell his organs. There are also many small companies that manufacture items that help those overseas.

Dora persuaded a homeless 9-year-old boy to follow her to an address she has been given. Bob parked his Bugatti by a railroad track and set out to take a walk.

He saw a runaway train speeding down the tracks that was heading towards a small child. Dora feels very conflicted, and decides to get the boy back. People are needed to help in that process as well. It is important to consider and apply this method to real life and then reflect upon all the possible consequences.

I believe that Singer neglects the other ways that many people give to charity. In reality, it would be impossible for every prosperous person to agree upon what is and what is not a necessity, and if it were decided, for example that microwaves were a luxury, would the microwave manufacturers go out of business?

For example, millions of dollars are spent on the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, World Soccer Cups, etc. How to Write a Summary of an Article? A different approach, or rather first step, to solving world poverty can be keeping to a minimum expensive worldwide projects.

In his opinion, money is the key to solving world poverty although it is clear that there are other ways, such as new medicine or tools for purifying water, that save many lives. Nations will less frequently struggle with high mortality rate among newly born and children as well as among adult people suffering from curable diseases.

In addition, the donated money can allow for the improvement of educational opportunities for all individuals, which can result in advanced technological, scientific and humanities-focused research and discoveries.

Bob had the choice to flip a switch, which will redirect the train away from the child and towards his Bugatti.

There are many programs for natural disaster relief that require the assistance of many volunteers. His approach in curing world poverty is not only too extreme, but brings about cyclical and unsolvable issues. Moreover, the ceremonies can be replaced with simple, yet entertaining concerts performed by artists willing to volunteer and help fund-raise money for the poor.

These situations pull on you heart strings and succeed for many in convincing them to donate.In his essay "The Singer Solution to World Poverty," Peter Singer addresses the flaws in society's efforts toward world hunger and poverty. As a piece of literature it is a respectable and eloquent passage, because of its thorough use of analogies and well-structured argument.

Singer makes a valid.

“The Singer Solution to World Poverty”

The Singer Solution In Peter Singer’s mind, the 19, people that die per day from illnesses attributed to poverty die at the hands of American consumers. Peter Singer argues this in his essay The Singer Solution to World Poverty/5(1). Assessment on the The Singer Solution to World Poverty The average American family spends one-third of the household income in unnecessary things such as a new.

The writer behind “Singers Solution to World Poverty” advocates that U.S.

citizens give away the majority of their dispensable income in order to end global suffering. Peter Singer makes numerous assumptions within his proposal about world poverty, and they are founded on the principle that. The essay "The Singer Solution to World Poverty", written by Peter Singer, states that the only solution to solve world poverty is for Americans to donate all the money they have that is not needed for necessities to aid organizations overseas.

Singers article was published on September 5, in /5(2). Poverty is the state of people who do not have a certain amount of income to achieve the basic needs.

Peoples buying power is not enough to pay their basic.

Singer solution to world poverty essays
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