The popularity of life hacks on the internet

Painting your keys a different colour with nail varnish — This will help you identify quick and easily which key is for which door, avoiding all the faff. Freeze olive oil in the ice cube trays that will last much longer.

Then lastly, the well known hack of putting a wooden spoon over a pan of boiling water to stop it from boiling over — giving you peace of mind your kitchen wont turn into a bubbling, boiling mess.

We Test the Internet’s 14 Most Popular Culinary Life Hacks

Have we missed any great ones? In order to peel garlic quickly, put them in the jar and shake it well. Fed up with onion tears, sprinkle the chopping board with some salt Result: The following list is in no particular order and is far from exhaustive. Storing ice cream in the freezer for a very long time makes it hard and impossible to scoop.

In addition to preventing it from browning, the apple sliced looked more fresh and white. Pass but partially 7. Pass only when you use quality oil. Use foam plates to protect ceramic plates Moving home?

For making delicious cupcakes immediately, put all the ingredients in a mug and put in a microwave. This life hack will let you avoid having to buy a new charger by greatly extending the lifespan of phone and laptop cords.

Slide the band around the open paint tin and, hey presto, your very own free excess paint remover. You can later use it in your hot dishes or salads based on your preference.

There is nothing new in this hack, as we have been hearing about this for ages.

Test Result Of 14 Most Popular Culinary Life Hacks On Internet Is SHOCKING

This could be for a variety of reasons but getting a shopping cart is one of the more annoying ones. In future, just remove the tabs from soda cans and use them to increase the amount of clothes hangers you can have per wardrobe.

The boiled milk clearly overflowed despite putting a wooden spoon on top of the container. When we sprinkle some fresh lemon juice on the freshly cut apple slices, it really worked.

MissMalini So there you go, ten of the best life hacks we found on the internet. So through some intensive research we can now present to you our top 5 life hacks that we think will make your life that little bit easier… enjoy. If you want to cut tomatoes in half, put them in between two plates and slice it through the gap with a sharp knife.Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people excited by change.

Quartz Africa. The dark side of life hacks. The internet does, however, allow ideas to spread more quickly. Testing 30 More Life Hacks We Found on the Internet. BY Jason English. January 8, Last year, John Green tried a bunch of life hacks we read about on the Internet.

Here he puts 30 more to the. The internet has become the prime source of information with lots of stuff available on the web regarding your daily problems.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 14 most popular culinary hacks, which got millions of views and several likes. We all want something that makes our lives that little bit easier, and with the growing popularity of “Life Hacks” floating around social media, it couldn’t be easier.

However out of the thousands of life hacks circulating the Internet, we understand some of them can be pretty weird and are if anything just inconvenient. So. This life hack might work if you use a very sharp knife, but even then you’ll hardly succeed in slicing the fruit exactly in half.

Conclusion: This doesn’t work.

10 of the Best Life Hacks We Found on the Internet

№ 2: To make sure your milk doesn’t overboil, put a wooden spoon on top of the saucepan. Turning browsing history off does not make you anonymous on the internet. Here’s how to browse privately using: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. ISPs (internet service providers) and sites themselves, however, will know when a site has been visited – so don’t think private browsing makes you anonymous on the internet.

It doesn’t.

The popularity of life hacks on the internet
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