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Taxes would have to shoot up to solve the dilemma. Students would then lose a chance for improved education. A revision does indeed need to occur in the U. The schools are greatly impacted because maintenance opportunities are greatly reduced.

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Teachers and students assigned to a particular track follow the same schedule, and are in school and on vacation at the same time. The changes that need to occur do not involve the schedule. High school students will face problems holding down a summer job because they will not have the entire summer off, and will only be off in short breaks throughout the year.

One of the most stressful days of the school year is the first day of school, returning from summer vacation; having the shorter breaks will help reduce some of this stress felt by the students. There are advocates as well as protestors.

Teachers take advantage of the intersession break, and frequently use this time to develop course materials or relieve stress by taking a trip or relaxing at home Warwick-Harris. Studies have been inconclusive to its academic benefits.

Teachers will have to do a lot of moving from classroom to classroom as they must pack and move everything after every session. Year Round Education may not be the answer to all educational problems but it is another option. Schools may operate on a single-track schedule where all students are on the same calendar and get the same holidays off, or a multi-rack schedule, which has groups of students attending school at different times with different vacations.

There are two types of year-round education: The nine month schedule must remain the basis for education in America. When one group is on vacation the other tracks are attending school. The YRE school year will interfere with major maintenance issues and any repairs will have to be worked on while students and staff are present.

However, year round school separates most students into about two or three different schedules Somerby 8. Two other ways to organize a school calendar are the and the plans. For students already in junior high or high school, year round school would be a hard schedule to follow Sevetson 2.

During the vacation periods the schools are generally closed when neither the students nor the teachers are present.

Essay: Year Round School- A Mistake

Working parents may find it harder to find childcare for shorter breaks during the year than for the long summer break, when summer camp and other full-time activities are available. Such activities may include field trips, crafts, and learning projects.

Originally, the school calendar was organized so that children would have the summer off to help their parents work on the farm.The shorter, more intense bursts of instruction along with more breaks is another pro of year-round school, says Dr.

Matthew Lynch, an education activist and the dean of the school of education, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies at Virginia Union University.

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Year-Round Schooling For All American Students: A Good Thing - When Americans think of year-round education they immediately relate it to no summer vacations, hence the reason why, at first glance, most students and parents are contrary to that which comes off as a negative idea.

Year Round Education: A Worthwhile Transformation Essay - Throughout the last two centuries the United States has led the world as a premier industrialized nation. Citizens enjoy premier transportation, cutting edge technology, a reliable government, and access to ample employment opportunities.

The most popular form of year-round education is the plan, where students attend school for 45 days and then get three weeks (15 days) off. The usual holiday breaks are still built into this calendar.

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Essay: Year Round School- A Throughout time education has been considered a process that every so often must be improved. The education quality in the U.S. has declined over the years and people have been looking for a way to make improvements.

Year round education essay
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